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Bollywood dance is a mixture of many different dance styles. Derived from the Indian film industry, it incorporates Indian classical dance, street, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, and Indian folk.  It’s a free flowing dance that provides dancers creative freedom to incorporate their own style of dance with lively music and colourful costumes!

We offer classes for all ages – so whether you’re looking to learn the classical and technical aspects of Bollywood dance, or you just want to enjoy the music and get in shape there’s a class right for you.

At Dance Bollywood we recognize that dance training can not be separated from life training.  Our newly revamped curriculum helps students discover how to apply the skills learned in the studio, to the rest of their lives.  All students are given a journal where they are guided through personal growth exercises.

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If you don’t live in Greater Toronto Area check out our online tutorials and classes. You can dance like everyone is watching, right in your living room, and make an impact halfway around the world.  Get involved in the movement by moving your body and connecting with others.  Our online community hub is where you can learn dances and share your videos to inspire others to dance too!

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